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Project-based learning unleashes my full potential,
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Valar EMBA - Netflix Capstone Project

Welcome to the Netflix section of my projects page, where you'll find an overview of my distinguished project for the Valar Institute at Quantic School of Business and Technology EMBA in Strategic Leadership. This presentation, for which I earned a distinction, delves into innovative concepts and strategic insights. It reflects my commitment to excellence and showcases my ability to analyse, strategize, and present ideas effectively. Enjoy exploring these slides, as they represent not just an academic achievement, but a deep understanding of complex business and technology dynamics. 

The Capstone Project report that this presentation can be downloaded HERE. "Do Netflix customers really want ad-based subscriptions?" examines Netflix's customer preferences for subscription models. It delves into the strategic decision by Netflix to introduce a Basic with Ads subscription tier and investigates whether ad-based subscriptions are appealing to Netflix customers. The study analyses Netflix's pricing strategies, market competition, and customer satisfaction, focusing on potential target countries for the new pricing tier. It aims to ascertain if this new package provides Netflix a sustainable competitive edge in the highly competitive streaming market.

Conclusion Summary
The conclusion recommends that Netflix cautiously considers introducing an ad-supported subscription tier. While a lower-priced option has some interest, most users prefer an ad-free experience and are dissatisfied with the current pricing. There are also concerns about the quality and diversity of content on Netflix.

A suggested compromise is to offer a cheaper subscription with limited ads, alongside the existing ad-free option. This approach aims to cater to price-sensitive consumers while retaining the ad-free option for those who can afford it. Additionally, investing in diverse and high-quality content is advised to enhance customer satisfaction and attract new users. Improving the content filtering system could also address concerns about mature content, allowing for a more personalized viewing experience.

The conclusion emphasizes the importance of continuously gathering user feedback and data to guide decisions about pricing, advertising, and content. Regular surveys and analysis of user behaviour can help Netflix remain customer-focused, innovative, and maintain its leadership in the streaming industry.



KPMI are a project management company providing worldwide premium shopfitting services with a wealth of experience, adaptability and fast implementation.
At KPM Airport and Retail Services, part of KPMI, I held a crucial role as an on-site Project Manager. My responsibilities included overseeing airport retail units for prestigious brands like L'Oréal and Dior. I was tasked with reviewing and creating schematics and plans, orchestrating electrical work, and leading international teams. My commitment to safety was paramount, maintaining a 100% safe on-site record through stringent application of PPE and safety protocols. This role not only demanded technical expertise but also required exceptional leadership and project management skills to deliver high-quality results in a dynamic airport retail environment.
This was one of the best experienced of my career so far. I loved working with international teams of highly skilled craftsmen throughout project execution to handover for high-profile clients Dior, L’Oréal, and Victoria’s Secret. Together, we produced high-quality finishes. Additionally, I completed electrical audits and successfully completed maintenance and promotional installations. I completed reports and photographed throughout in addition to compiling audits and quality assurance reports for key stakeholders.

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