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Dedicated to higher education, my journey combines academic study with practical experience.




is an experienced Lecturer of Computer Science, Design, and Business Administration. Paul has been working remotely since November 2022 as a Skills Bootcamp Lecturer for The Skills Network where he delivers courses on a range of topics such as cyber security, data analysis, IT infrastructure, software development, project management and digital marketing.


He received a distinction in his undergraduate studies in games design and development at Lancaster University (Lancashire, UK), and obtained his master’s degree in advanced computing at Edge Hill University (Ormskirk, UK) before receiving distinction obtained in The Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership from Valar Institute at Quantic School of Business and Technology (Washington DC, USA).



In 2011, Paul completed a Level 7 PGCE at Lancaster University, in Secondary and Post Compulsory education, and has continued his professional development by receiving certification from the National Centre for Computing Education in Teaching Primary Computing, KS3 and GCSE Computer Science Subject Knowledge, Teaching Secondary Computing, and encouraging girls into computer science by being an “I Belong” champion.

In his professional career, he has previously worked as an Academic Lecturer at several prestigious universities and colleges including Lancaster University, Anglia Ruskin University and Blackpool and the Fylde College. The latter of which was awarded the prestigious Queen's Anniversary Prize Award for Higher and Further Education Excellence specifically for bespoke and dedicated work in the field of project management where Paul Oversaw a 99% cohort success rate in project management education at undergraduate level. In recognition of this service, he received three Governors nomination awards in years 14, 15 and 16 for the quality of teaching and learning.

In 2018, Paul was awarded a British Computer Society computer teacher scholarship award worth £30,000 and BCS membership. From 2019, Paul worked as a Course Director in computer science and ICT at The College of West Anglia where he established connections with STEM and won awards in the region of £50k+ for the college and computing department through the completion of STEM project work.

In 2023, Paul led a study for Netflix for the Valar EMBA in Strategic Leadership capstone project where he coauthored a paper called, “To Ad or Not to Ad: Investigating Netflix customers' preferences for subscription models” which found that it was in Netflix’s best interest to diversify their subscription models to include advertising. The study won Paul and his teammates Amit Sharma, and Abdulrhman Alodhayb distinctions and complimentary feedback for the depth of research conducted.

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Completed STEM CPD


In his work, he focusses on utilising technology to improve the educational experience. His informal and relaxed approach to academic delivery consistently receives positive feedback from students and colleagues whilst providing the highest retention and achievements rates.


Paul’s current research interests focus on long-term wide-reaching theoretical advancements for social betterment, promotion of prosperity, and the protection of future generations utilising technology for sustained proliferation of humankind. These concepts lie in the core areas of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and complex networks and their applications in the domains of interstellar communications, history preservation and deep space exploration. Paul is committed to pursuing a PhD programme to support his studies from 2024 onwards.

Paul Powers EMBA Certificate and Transcript

Paul Powers EMBA Certification

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