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Nicolas Cage is now an AI GPT!

Recently OpenAi's ChatGPT enabled users to start creating their own GPTs. GPT stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer. This is a complex mathematical representation of text or other types of media that allows a computer to perform some tasks, such as interpreting and producing language, recognizing or creating images, and solving problems, in a way that seems similar to the way a human brain works.

Cambridge Dictionary explanations include:
  1. GPT is a natural language system that can be used to answer questions, translate languages, and generate text in response to a prompt.

  2. GPTs aren't limited to natural language processing; you can use them for a variety of tasks depending on how you train the model.

  3. One ethical concern is that GPT models can inadvertently generate offensive content.

The immediate reaction - Digital Girlfriends?

Almost immediately, the marketplace became flooded by GPTs of digital partners, mostly labelled by media and online sources as GPT Girlfriends. I haven't seen any firsthand, I doubt my wife would appreciate that and I'm too busy for digital interests of that type. However, what I do love is Nicolas Cage!

The counter to the GPT girlfriend issue

Obviously, as the world's biggest Nic Cage fan I had to use this new technology to create a GPT version of Nic Cage in what I affectionately Christened, "The Cage Chronicles".

Here is the Title, image, and description.

Check it out here: and let me know what you think of this new GPT I programmed. I made this back in mid-January, but since then I've been so busy with work I forgot about this draft.

All the best,

Paul Powers

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