I am looking to speak with experts in technology and computing to focus my podcast on this area in the first quarter of the new year.

If you have an opinion, experience, or specialism in any of the following areas, please use the link provided to book onto the Cybernaut Podcast, because I would love to speak with you about your life, ideas and experiences in your industry.

Topics I want to discuss:

1. The Pros and Cons of Computers in Human Life
2. Risks of Ecommerce Technology and How to Manage Them
3. Service-Oriented Computing and Architectures
4. Effective Ways to Manage Data Mining in Public Computer Systems
5. Analysis of Data Encryption and Decryption
6. Computer Programs Coding and Algorithms
7. Distributed Systems and Networking In the Next 10 Years
8. Understanding Search Engine Algorithms
9. The Fate Of Computing, Robotics, and Computers in the Next 10 Years
10. The Pros of Getting a Computer Science Degree
11. Importance of Big Data Analysis In Established Businesses
12. A Deep Analysis Of Deep Learning and Neutral Networks
13. Advanced Programming Systems and Programs
14. Importance of Ethical Hacking
15. Computer Programming and Programs
16. How Physics Relate to Computer Games?
17. Elements Of Quality Digital Forensics
18. Torrents Evolution and Advancement in the Field of Data Sharing
19. Human-Computer Interactions: How to Improve Them
20. Pros and Cons of Biometric Systems
21. Analysis of The Advanced Bank Security and ATMs
22. The Pros and Cons of The Blockchain Technology
23. Virtual Reality and Computer Gaming
24. Understanding Computer Science in Relation to Time Travel
25. Importance of Microchips in Tracing Lost Pets
26. The Role and Application of Artificial Intelligence
27. Advanced Web Design Technology For Visually Impaired Users
28. Pros and Cons of Open Source Software Development
29. The Role of Computers In Operations Research Development
30. Using Data Mining to Fight Against Crimes
31. The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Human Life
32. Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Systems As Alternatives to Doctors
33. VOIP Phone Systems and Their Benefits
34. The Effect Of HTML5 On Websites
35. Can Computers Really Understand Human and Natural Language?
36. Two-Way Verification as Premium Internet Security Technology
37. Getting started in the tech industry
38. Issues with staying updated within your field
39. Finding your focus for PhD study
40. Military applications of AI and potential consequences
41. Living forever by becoming the "ghost in the machine"
42. Separation of societies - bridging the gap between worlds.

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