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I'm Paul Powers, a project-based learning advocate. 
This portfolio showcases my dedication to learning.


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Paul's Academic career

Paul Powers, a distinguished alumnus of Lancaster University and the Valar Institute (Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership), has made significant strides in his career. Formerly a Course Director at Anglia Ruskin University, he showcased his adeptness in course development and undergraduate project management. At The Skills Network, his expertise continues to shine, emphasising his dedication to quality education and technological innovation. His contributions in computer science and interactive software design have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the British Computer Society Computing Teacher Scholarship and the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching & Learning.

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The Cybernaut Club Podcast

The Cybernaut Club podcast, hosted by Paul Powers, takes you on a journey through the latest in technology, AI, and science fiction. Join Paul as he delves into thought-provoking topics and engages with a community passionate about the marvels of the digital age. Explore the channel at Cybernaut Club on YouTube for insightful and engaging content that navigates the ever-evolving landscape of technology and its intersection with our daily lives and future possibilities.

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Paul's Writing

Paul Powers is a multifaceted writer, contributing to platforms like Substack, Blogger, and Guild. His Substack features thought-provoking pieces on technology and digital culture, while his Blogger site, Computing Powers, provides insights into the tech world. On Guild, Paul engages with a community of professionals and enthusiasts. He's also authoring a novel that delves into the generational impacts of crime, showcasing his versatility in both fiction and non-fiction writing. Paul has also begun writing children's stories and utilising generative AI tools to animate the tales. Check that out on the Storytime YouTube channel using the button below.


Computing Powers Ltd

Welcome to Computing Powers Ltd (14862884), where innovation meets expertise. Celebrated for our forward-thinking approach, we've been honoured with significant financial awards including $231,250 from the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Scheme and £500 from the Council Digital Start-up fund. Our mission is to revolutionise technology education and consultancy, blending cutting-edge solutions with practical know-how to shape the future of digital technology.

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